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Hot Pink Swimsuit : St. Petersburg

Photo by : Quiana Major


I have been traveling to St. Peterersburg with my family on and off to help my brother move into his new apartment. And I promise you, I find something new that I love each time I go. The last time I was there I fell in love with the flowers. This time I fell in love with the water.

As soon as I arrived, I went to Walmart and got me a bright pink bathing suit for $16 (because I could never spend over $20 on a swimsuit). And let me tell you, I wore that swimsuit four out of the five days that I was there. Seeing that my brother is a marine, sustainable, wildlife enthusiast, he knew all of the best places to go.

Centrally located, it took us all of two minutes to get to Maximo Park, which is a sweet little oasis within itself. There I floated in the warm waters while boats and dolphins passed me by. After that I went back to my brother's place because it started to rain. No sooner than I was to set foot in the shower, my sister knocked on the door to let me know my parents were going to the pool. So just like that I slid back into my bright pink swimsuit and ran in the rain to go swim with my parents in the pool. As I submerged myself under the water I could hear the raindrops hit the pool's surface, and I felt total peace.

Fast forward to the next few days, we found ourselves fishing from the top of the pier catching the cutest fish in the Gulf of Mexico. We later found ourselves sitting on the side of the highway in front of an open body of water, watching the dolphins jump and play as the sun set.

And oh me oh my, on that last day we were there we went to the beach which was about 10 minutes away. Although it rained that day, I still found myself putting on my bright pink bathing suit just in case the sun came out. And my prayer was answered, the sun came out! I ran into the warm ocean as if I were a child again. Once I was in, the waves knocked me down and tossed me all around. But I didn't mind, I was in my pure Black Girl Magic mood.

Videos by: Quiana Major


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