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Nontraditional Student

I’m what you would call a nontraditional student. I graduated high school in 2010 and 10 years later and 4 colleges behind me, I finally earned my BA!


If I could go back in time and talk to the younger me, she would not believe me if I told her that we did not become a nurse or a doctor. But in fact she would come to find out that I did not accomplish any of the goals that she had planned for me. Yet, I know that my younger self would still be proud of the accomplishments that I created for myself.


Barry University (Drop Out)

Miami Dade College (AA Complete)

Howard University (Drop Out)

Florida International University (BA Complete)

My family has always been big on education and because of this, I always found my way back to the classroom. It wasn't an easy journey but I found the best learning environment for me, and honestly, that's all that mattered. Online classes were heaven sent, I could pursue my photography, make money, and take classes at a suitable time for me. I wish I was given the option way back in 2010, I would have been done!

And although I did not fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a nurse, my family was still supportive of my journey. When I told them that I was switching to Communications ( I was scared out of my mind), they were like “good.” Hahaha, the anxiety was so real and so not necessary.

It was this very moment that taught me about trusting in my decisions. Because whatever I decide for my life, those who care about me will support me and see that I achieve them. And honestly, I have lived a much happier life due to the fact that I trusted my future self.

Oh yeah, I graduated during the pandemic. Which was perfect because I never really liked those long ceremonies to begin with. So just like that, while in the backyard chilling, my family decided to host my graduation for me. My younger sister Quiana, who had just graduated the year before, gave me her grad gear and just like that...I graduated...How special am I to have shook the very hands of those who (literally) pushed and motivated me to finish school. Thanks Mom, Dad, Tessa, Wayne, Qui Qui, and My Love.


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